The SAHCO Collection 2017 - embodiment and intricacy translated with enchanting simplicity.

Textures and colours inspired by nature. The beauty and the rich diversity of selected islands of this world are the inspiration for the SAHCO Collection 2017, presenting itself as a great ensemble.

The main aspects are modern, trendy colours and geometric shapes combined with a deliberately simplified design language. The new textiles feature exciting, versatile textures and scintillate with a clear colour palette. Each fabric stands out and shines by itself. Suspense is created by the combination of materials and textures. Course-textured flat woven fabrics harmonise perfectly with classy velvets as well as with fine sheers. The hand-picked selection of fabrics allows for individual design options.

The room as an island; self-contained in its beauty; however: personality, character and individuality only emerge from the interplay of colours, shapes and textures. The SAHCO Collection 2017 creates a lifestyle and is an invitation to travel – with style and relaxed nonchalance.

PRINTEMPES − this year’s Ulf Moritz Collection features pastel tones, demonstrating that this light colour palette is the kind of thing for avant-gardists. Along with the new colourways, the spotlight is on unusual fabric blends: bast and lurex woven into an upholstery fabric, unusual all-over patterns and colour gradients with metallic effects. Subtle, technical double fabrics with bouclé ribbons merge together naturally; so refreshingly different and yet typically Ulf Moritz.

These are complemented by new accessories. Unmistakable tie-backs and trimmings unite the finest craftsmanship and an exquisite look. The design language of this collection is extravagant, contemporary and interpreted in a very contemporary way. As formal as it is colourful, and as simple as it is elegant, the sophistication is entirely captivating. Every single piece is an ornament with beautiful features.


The SAHCO Collection 2016 makes clear statements at various levels and uses a fresh, linear approach to create a new look.

Alongside the classic yet modern fabrics in the EDIZIONE CLASSICA, new PREMIUM BASICS have been added to the upholstery fabrics which dazzle with their wide range of colours and natural appeal.

With its restrained aesthetics and new self-confidence, the SLOW DESIGN theme is reflecting a current trend in interiors: a reduction in superficiality combined with the desire for authenticity and character can be clearly seen and felt here.

The textiles created by Ulf Moritz feature special structures and surfaces in fabrics with unusual materials, exciting us with their innovative techniques and exclusive finish.

There are also innovations in FINE WALLCOVERINGS. Two wallpapers as elegant faux unis add subtle accents or a touch of pure understatement.

The expansion of the FINE RUGS Collection continues, with 12 new designs that set new standards of colour and quality – knotted, woven or tufted by hand and available in any of 10 additional shades.

Even though each collection can stand on its own and has its own hallmarks, there is still something that unites all these innovations: elegant designs and superb quality. These are fabrics, wallcoverings and rugs that are truly something special, that have substance and quality – both today and tomorrow.


Elegant, charming and sophisticated: this is the RESIDENCE Collection – a homage to the first special contract collection from SAHCO.

The basis of these five selected upholstery and decoration fabrics is the fibre Trevira CS. These fabrics look and feel like materials such as linen, viscose or cotton; yet the synthetic fibre Trevira CS is used here, with all its positive attributes such as durability, light-fastness, colour brilliance, washability and flame-resistance. The subtle patterns of these fabrics add elegance and a classic note and underscore the cosy charm of small but beautiful boutique hotels and also private residences.


With the EDIZIONE CLASSICA, SAHCO is launching a classic line that will be appearing annually in the future. The contemporary classic segment will be a permanent part of the collection from now on.

Vivid colours, perfectly considered proportions, the utmost delicacy in orna-mentation – all these qualities have dis-tinguished Italian artistry for millennia. EDIZIONE CLASSICA PRIMA is a tribute to this masterful application of form, light and effect. Exquisite silks, opulent velours and elaborate Jacquards exude a timeless appeal, while still suffused with an utterly modern spirit. Entirely dedicated to the contemporary classic, this new, permanent line in the SAHCO collection will appear yearly, updated with fresh impulses.


SHANGHAI NIGHTS – East meets West. Old Europe encounters modern Asia – in line with current events. The traditions and cultural influences of different continents are combined.

The SHANGHAI NIGHTS collection impressively reflects this spirit. Unusual fabrics in elaborate patterns and weaving techniques that express textile traditions that are centuries old. The finest Italian silk jacquards are inspired by Chinese scenes and designs. A dragon seems to come to life on an elegant viscose velour, while lettering in lurex on a silk background glitters like the illuminated advertising signs of the gigantic Asian cities. The collection skilfully walks the line between the cultures with an electrifying mixture of wonderful colours, extravagant designs and superb quality.


The CHALET LUXE Collection continues the long tradition of unusual "country house fabrics" at SAHCO. As the name suggests, the collection brings together fine, elegant fabrics with a more relaxed feel.

CHALET LUXE is a breath of fresh air in every respect, with natural materials and traditional patterns that convey a delightful charm. Delicate embroidery and fine patterning impart indisputable lightness, wonderfully accentuated by the soft, airy fabrics. In its opulent sophistication, this collection is as much at home in a countryside chalet as in the midst of a pulsating metropolis.


The INTO THE BLUE Collection is devoted to indigo, the dye that has been used to colour fabrics for more than 2,000 years. The Ancient Egyptians were familiar with this unique, intense shade, an incomparable blue with a perennial appeal. Nowadays, generally the yarns are no longer dyed using the natural dye from the indigo plant, but it was nonetheless the inspiration for this collection.

These modern fabrics with their very clear design language come in selected shades of blue, and also in alternative colour combinations. The aesthetic of the collection is reflected by the natural look and variation in materials. INTO THE BLUE is a refreshingly modern collection in fine blue nuances and subtle patterns, that occasionally symbolise a Japanese style.


Der Name Ulf Moritz steht für Innovation und außergewöhnliches Design. Mit seinen Ideen und Kreationen überrascht er immer wieder aufs Neue.

Nach dem wunderbar, natürlichen Leinen-Thema 2014 präsentiert SAHCO mit der neuen Ulf Moritz-Kollektion REFLECTION luxuriöse und glamouröse Stoffe. Inspiriert von den Oberflächen und der Patina antiker Samurai-Rüstungen, spielen die Stoffe mit metallischen Farbtönen, aufwendigen Jacquard-Strukturen und außergewöhnlichen Dessins. Neun Stoffe, gefertigt in unterschiedlichen Techniken und Webarten sind thematisch fein aufeinander abgestimmt. Der Einsatz von feinen Lurexgarnen unterstreicht die schimmernde, luxuriöse Anmutung der Stoffe. Eine Kollektion die überraschend anders ist – und doch typisch Ulf Moritz.


Edition Five of our FINE WALLCOVERINGS further expands the range of high-quality wallcoverings. Innovative techniques, fine quality and high-end materials are once again at the forefront of the collection. In terms of both aesthetics and colours, the FINE WALLCOVERINGS harmonise with the fabrics in the SAHCO collections. They enrich the product palette – but are nonetheless independent.

Many years of experience in the development of luxurious textiles form the basis for these unique surfaces and unusual patterns. Manufactured in Europe using both innovative and traditional production techniques, the collection brings together eight different wallcoverings, complementing the existing collections perfectly. For a classic, avantgarde or contemporary look – the FINE WALLCOVERINGS create the atmosphere.


Enter the world of the PALAIS MARRAKECH. Draw back the sumptuous drapes and let your senses be flooded with vibrant shades, lush textures and intricate motifs. Presenting a new, truly lavish range of premium-look fabrics comprised of completely flame-retardant TREVIRA CS fibres. At its most opulent, Marrakech style is defined by a seductive fusion of influences: traditional and modern, Oriental and Occidental, African and European. It engages all of the senses in a rich and colourful mélange.

Let this special collection inspire you with its uncompromising luxury and breathtaking originality. It offers the exclusive look and feel of luxurious natural fibres, while still delivering the robust durability, easy washability and high flame-resistance that makes TREVIRA CS so very desirable.


Uncompromising luxury combined with indisput able charm. There’s only one word that completely captures the essence of SAHCO’s exclusive Home Collection 2014: spectacular. Their distinctive effects. The exquisite craftsmanship, featuring hand-tailored details. The lavish material mix, in its near endless spectrum of colour combinations.

In six unique styles – each one as impressive as the next. And as expressive: these creations let the imagination take flight. Bold or muted shades – classical or avantgarde styles. Presented minimally or as a colourful display. They fascinate the eye. Invite touch. Offer the perfect finish to out­standing interiors. Our bestselling fabrics HUDSON, SOLICE, SEMIRAMIS, COSMO and award-winning PIXUS, provided the inspiration – and form the material basis for the range. An assurance of lasting appeal and quality, in seamless harmony with SAHCO’s corresponding interior elements.


Once again, Ulf Moritz is tackling the original materiality of linen and creating wonderfully extravagant new fabrics.

Elaborate techniques, such as handmade embroidery, appliqués and foil transfer printing, lend the fundamentally casual fabrics something special. With their purity of expression and reduced to the natural essence of the material, it has been possible to produce a typical yet subtly spectacular collection as only Ulf Moritz can do.


One of the great operas in the history of music provides the inspiration for an exquisite, classic collection of textiles.

With its expressive strength and inherent tension, LA TRAVIATA completely transforms the appearance of a room. All of the materials are produced following traditional weaving techniques and are largely woven from fine silk warp. The result is uncompromisingly luxurious quality for which we use Lurex yarns as an evocation of pure brocade.


The literal meaning of folklore is “handing down/ the knowledge of the people”. Now we have a physical embodiment of this concept in local items of handicraft, architecture, jewellery and clothing.

The FUTURE FOLKLORE collection combines heritage handed down and the future, drawing inspiration from the world of fashion. Materials generated from the exciting dialogue between trend and tradition.


The COTTON CHIC Collection is casual and yet wonderfully sophisticated.

The main content of these fabrics is fine cotton – sometimes combined with silk or polyester – along with graphic designs and fresh colours. The material combination gives these fabrics an elegant, chic look with just a hint of nonchalance. Simply: COTTON CHIC.


Metallic effects continue to be in vogue. In interiors too, surfaces are shimmering for all they‘re worth.

PRECIOUS METAL is a collection that plays wonderfully with metallic impressions ranging from platinum, silver, gold and copper to shades of rosé and oxidized silver – always in a fascinating contrast with a dry, matt ground. Sophisticated finishing techniques create very diverse fabrics. Patterns from ornamental to graphic, always combined with a metallic look, provide a vast number of styles. It‘s no coincidence that the PRECIOUS METAL collection is reminiscent of fashion: individual, personal and unique.


The fabrics of the LES GRANDS TRANSPARENTS Collection are a unique interplay of colours, light and shadow.

Though according to tradition they are generally neutral-coloured, these transparent fabrics suddenly reveal strong, expressive colours. Various techniques, such as high-speed digital printing, air lace and plissé designs create contrasts and generate a wonderful suspense. This is a collection of modern fabrics that are beautifully light, in double fabric widths and with easy care characteristics.


The fourth edition of FINE WALLCOVERINGS further extends the palette of high-quality wallcoverings.

The collection is based on many years of experience in creating sophisticated and unusual fabrics. The spotlight is on innovative techniques, fine qualities and superb textures. But a passion for perfection and painstaking attention to detail also give rise to unique structures and surfaces. The collection is produced in Europe using traditional manufacturing techniques to the company‘s well known high quality standards. Classic, avantgarde or modern: SAHCO FINE WALLCOVERINGS clothe walls and give rooms an atmosphere that is completely unique.


After the successful launch of SAHCO FINE RUGS in January 2011, seven new designs are now being added to the exclusive rug collection.

Every rug is hand tufted to order and intricately finished with relief cuts. Individual measurements and colour combinations are also possible in addition to the standard sizes and colours shown here. Every modified rug is unique and is made from high-quality materials such as pure new wool from New Zealand combined with shiny viscose. The FINE RUGS blend harmoniously with the SAHCO fabric and wallcoverings collections.


The installation “Charming Everyday” by Tobias Juretzek is the second work within the scope of SAHCO’s experimental series of projects, SIGNATURE WORKS.

After “Fold” by Ulf Moritz, an avant-garde fabric creation developed especially for the series, with “Charming Everyday”, Tobias Juretzek presents a staging of classical SAHCO fabrics which is profound in the truest sense of the word. “A fabric can embellish things. When it covers something, it simultaneously highlights it. Fabric also succeeds in showing everyday things in a different light. It can convey their value in a different way,” declares Tobias Juretzek. In this spirit, the designer envelops various objects – among others, pieces of furniture – and on top of that, apparently vacuum-seals them.


With SIGNATURE WORKS, SAHCO is presenting an experimental series of ground-breaking new projects.

In some cases the works give rise to a real collection of fabric materials, and in others they are purely for display. The series is launched with the “Fold” fabric from the designer Ulf Moritz, regarded as being every bit as avantgarde as he is perfectionist. With “Fold” he has created a fabric with an appearance as technoid as it is sensual. Playing with materials, reflections, nuances, light and shadow. A fabric as an installation.